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If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a free video demo must be worth a million more!

We have recorded video demonstrations so you can see first-hand how to do just about anything in Storage Sidekick- from basic setup of your self storage facility, to creating a recurring charge, to writing a check. If you've wondered how to do it, we've probably got a video for it listed here! Just click a video name on the list below to watch it.

And remember, every one of these videos is 100% free for anyone using or trying Storage Sidekick!


Quick Setup Videos

Company Setup

Add Self Store Properties & Units

Add a Tenant to a Unit

Tenant Charges (i.e., Monthly Rent)

Tenant Income Form & Collecting Payments


Companies and Properties

Company Setup

Add Self Store Properties & Units

Property Detail Folders

Make Properties Inactive

Build a Property Site Map


Tenants and Prospective Tenants

Add a Tenant to a Unit

Lease Moving Dates

Tenant Incident Form

Prospective Tenants

Show Tenant In More Than One Unit

Move Tenant from One Unit to Another

Move Out a Tenant


Charges, Payments, and Deposits

Tenant Charges (i.e., Monthly Rent)

Tenant Income Form & Collecting Payments

Late Fees & Discounts

Apply Overpayments as Credits

Use Available Credits

Separate Charges for Tenants Sharing a Unit

Handle a Non-Sufficient Funds Check

Security Deposits

Tenant Receipt

Tenant Statement



Bank Accounts Setup

Chart of Accounts

Transfer Funds

Enter, Edit & Pay Bills

Write & Print Checks

Journal Entries

Bank Deposits


Work Orders

Contractor, Contact, & Payee Lists

Work Orders


Program Features

Software Activation

Activity Log

Reminder System

Letters to Tenants

Memorized Transactions (Bills, Journal Entries, Work Orders)

Security Setup

Preferences Setup

Backup a Database

Technical Support and FAQ


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