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Storage Sidekick Screen Shots

To see specific examples of what Storage Sidekick offers for self store and mini storage managers and owners, click on a link below to view software screen shots, listed here by category:


Companies and Properties

Company Information Folder

Property Information Folder

Unit Information Folder


Tenants and Prospective Tenants

Tenant Record Folder

Tenant Income Folder

Tenant Details Folder

Lease & Moving Dates Folder

Tenant Incidents Folder

Other Occupants Folder

Tenant Addresses Folder

Tenant Vehicles Folder

Tenant Employer Folder

Prospective Tenant Folder


Charges, Payments, and Deposits

New Recurring Charge (i.e., monthly rent)

Tenant Security Deposit Folder

Printable Tenant Statement

Late Fees and Discounts



Banking Control Screen

Enter Bills

Pay Bills

Journal Entry

Write Checks

Make Bank Deposit

Bank Deposit Slip

Check Register

Print Checks

Memorized Transactions

Chart of Accounts


Work Orders

Work Order

Printable Work Order

Contractor List


Program Features

Reminder System

Security Setup

List of Payees

List of Contacts

Activity Log


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