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It's Easy to Set up your Storage Sidekick software with integrated credit card processing from Payment Processing, Inc. (PPI)- and, No Sign Up Fees!

Property Sidekick has partnered with Open Edge to bring you an integrated payment processing solution loaded with time- and money-saving benefits for you! It's included in the price of your Storage Sidekick software!

The Solution
Our software is integrated with open edge®, a secure Internet-based gateway, providing you with the features a self storage business needs to prosper:
  • One-step payment processing.  Enter credit card information directly into Storage Sidekick – no more manual entries into two separate systems!
  • Free PPI PayMover – a PCI compliant payment gateway that facilitates your path to meeting PCI compliance standards.
  • Free online reporting – Saves you time and is easily accessible.

  • Online payment acceptance with typical authorization times of 2-4 seconds.
  • Integrated ACH. Get paid faster and avoid trips to the bank.
  • Automatic, recurring customer transactions – no more monthly billing!
  • No software or payment gateway costs – Pay only per transaction fees.

Open Edge Services Just for Storage Sidekick Users
  • The PayPros PCI Compliance Program for Businesses with Breach Guarantee. The major card brands mandated that all businesses be PCI compliant. Property Sidekick has negotiated through PPI a low-cost, optional comprehensive service that offers PCI DSS compliance for businesses.*  Qualify and you may be eligible to be reimbursed up to $150,000 by PPI for forensic reviews, fines and card re-issuance costs resulting from a card data breach. Visit
  • Financial payment expertise. PPI pricing experts have analyzed thousands of merchant accounts!  Get a free detailed pricing analysis that will provide you with everything you need to know about your rates and how PPI can save you money.
  • Free support – Provided by PPI's expert staff 24/7/365. Make one phone call for all your payment processing needs – no more bouncing between vendors.
  • Price match guarantee.  Because you are a valued customer of ours, PPI is also providing a special price match guarantee. PPI will meet or beat your current rates or any other published offer you have in hand. They are so confident they can save you money that they are offering a $50 gift card if they can't meet or beat your best price.**
Who is PPI?
Since 1995, nearly 40,000 businesses trust PPI to process their electronic payments. In
2009, PPI processed over $5.5 billion in Visa® and MasterCard® payments.

“We joined forces with PPI because of their superior customer service, unwavering
technical support and extensive Industry experience.”
–   Jill Shaffer, Psy.D.,  President, Property Sidekick, Inc.

For More Information
 Kellie Barron or

* Prices subject to change.  
** If PPI cannot meet or beat the merchant’s effective rate, only one $50 gift card is awarded per merchant, not per location. Businesses outside the U.S. do not qualify.  Payment Processing, Inc. is a registered ISO/MSP of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Walnut Creek, CA and National Bank of Canada, Montreal, PQ.  ©2011 Payment Processing, Inc. All Rights
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